WEIRDO 2023 Reflections

Nov 15, 2023

Posted in Community, Events

From the King WEIRDO himself:

The friends who help me with this are amazing. The people who run their shows and event zones are all some of the coolest, most professional people I’ve ever met. The businesses and spaces we involve are so supportive sometimes it feels unreal. 

The excitement and enthusiasm becomes the air around you. I overhear multiple conversations about why people love Philadelphia as I cut from show to show checking that everyone has what they need to share their art with our neighbors. 

A man balances a sword on the tip of a knife. A circus dances on a familiar street. Strange creatures swim through a dark room. A vampire the size of a building chews rude people out. Tones and light hang in the air, music, the sounds of children. 

I love you weirdos. Thank you.
See you next time.

Check out our (ever growing) photo gallery. Have some of your own and want to share? Email them to us, please.

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