Writing something like this does not come easily to us, but we believe that the more people who speak up and speak out about Black Lives Matter, the more people will be involved, and the more we might all bring about real and lasting change.


Black Lives Matter. And we mourn for the lives that have been lost. We shake with rage, and guilt, and powerlessness. And we feel inspired by the sheer number of people who have gathered in protest across the world. We’ve never felt so much joy and sadness all at once. 


We need to keep learning, keep listening, and keep thinking. It’s not enough to stand by and passively watch this revolution happen. We need to do the work in the world and in ourselves, even if it’s messy and uncomfortable and embarrassing. We need to keep doing it, over the coming weeks, months, years. 


These are amazing times. People are risking their lives for change. We are seeing the best and worst of America play out in front of us during coinciding crises. It is a battle of hate and ignorance vs freedom and humanity. We have never been more proud or more disgusted to be an American and we didn’t realize how far we had strayed from hope until we felt it again. Seeing the people rise up against the murder of George Floyd and countless others long swept under the rug makes us believe the change we so sorely need is possible.


If you’re raising money for BLM, Philly bailout, defunding police, f*ck Trump stuff, voting, or general positive community kinds of things and need printing, hit us up. We’re trying to figure out what we can print for free or as close to cost as possible.


Fireball Printing is proud to be a part of the Philadelphia Community. We stand behind Black Lives Matter and the Defunding of Police (police should serve the people not the broken system built to control the people). We stand with the black members of our community and the world.


-Paul and Catherine, Fireball Printing