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Jun 4, 2024

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The LGBTQIA+ community in Philadelphia makes our city great and far more beautiful.

We feature queer artists all year, but every June we spotlight
our current faves to amplify their voices.

Click the name on their image to explore their work and support them.

Sophie Czark Lee

Sophie is an artist, designer, and filmmaker based in Bushwick. She has a passion for vintage ephemera, making things with her hands, and cult classics from the 80s. In her art practice, Sophie focuses primarily on digital illustrations, incorporating her love for journaling and graphic design.

Yamz World

Denver-based Artist Brayan Montes-Terrazas is better known by his alias YAMZ. Under YAMZ, Brayan’s unwavering identity-driven art stresses the importance of putting marginalized voices at the forefront of our conversations and the stories he tells.

Juliette Boulay

Juliette Boulay is an indie music photographer currently residing and creating in Philadelphia, PA. Juliette explores music spaces, drawing inspiration from familial loss, the warmth of the music community, and the primordial soup of a sold out show.

German Ayala Vazquez

German is a photographer and visual artist. His primary aim is to illuminate and uplift the narratives and experiences of BIPOC LGBTQIA+ individuals worldwide, with a particular emphasis on regions historically affected by colonization.

art by Karlovy Cross

Karlovy Cross

Karlovy is an Indigenous Quechua-Hungarian Illustrator, a sapphic and lover of fairies. Her work is seen as tender expression of feminine queerness and an ode to nudity in its most natural form… body hair, stretch marks, and all. 

art by Kah Yangni

Kah Yangni

Kah Yangni is an illustrator who makes hyper vibrant art about justice, queerness, and joy- using cut up paper, drawings, paint, and Photoshop to show a world where we are free. Kah’s art can be found on billboards, one 2,250 square foot mural, and on bedroom walls from West Philly to Iceland.

art by Alyssa Klash

Alyssa Klash

Alyssa’s work explores the dark and powerful female psyche in everyone. She uses her sexy cat muse, known as “Albino Kitty,” as her guide to create stunning hand-drawn illustrations that are transformed into clothing, prints, pins, stickers, and much more.

Brielle DuBose and De’von Downes

Brielle DuBose and De’von Downes host Philly Queer Life Drawing. Partnering with venues around the city, they provide a space for artists to build community and highlight the beauty of our queer bodies!! Brielle is an illustrator and facilitator in South Philly. De’von is an established muralist in the Philly/Jersey area as well a brilliant jewelry maker.

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