Pamphlets by Caitlin McCormack

Jan 31, 2022

Posted in Inspiration Gallery

We’re always excited to get to print for Caitlin McCormack and to see her art. Take a look at Caitlin’s website to see more of her work, and read below for more details on this project:

These pamphlets were created as a takeaway item at SPRING/BREAK Art Show this past September in NYC, where Caitlin had a solo booth. The booth, curated by Jacob Rhodes and Kristen Racaniello of Field Projects, was entitled “The Museum of Moral Panic: Satanic Panic Wing”, and was intended to be a satirical, institutional exhibition of objects representing various 20th century/contemporary moral frenzies, such as subliminal demonic messages in pop music, book burnings, Pizzagate, Qanon conspiracies, vaccine hesitancy, etc. Caitlin used medieval motifs filtered through a campy Dario Argento horror film lens to represent these social panics, and the collage inside the pamphlet outlined a lot of the contemporary references in the exhibition (with some medieval marginalia scattered in for good measure). 

Paper: 70lb Smooth Text


Finishing: Tri-fold

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