Wedding Invite Spotlight

Mar 11, 2024

Whether you are sending out formal folded cards or taking a more simple, sleek approach with flat invitations, we can print anything you can dream up for your big day. 

Need inspiration? Check out our wedding invite gallery to see some of our recent favorites.

Order folded cards here.
Get postcards (or flat invites) here.
Custom order inquiries, go here.

Caitlin McCormack

  • Ink: CMYK
  • Paper: 110lb Crane’s Lettra Cotton Cover

Check out Caitlin’s art here.

Lemon Water Studios

  • Ink: CMYK
  • Paper: 110lb Crane’s Lettra Cotton Cover
Check out Lemon Water Studios.

art by Dana and Andy

Dana and Andy

  • Ink: CMYK
  • Paper: 120lb Smooth Uncoated Cover
Dana and Andy used an Etsy template, available here.  

art by Sam Winfield

Sam Winfield

  • Ink: CMYK
  • Paper: 120lb Smooth Uncoated Cover
Find Sam’s other work on their site.

Cindy Lozito

  • Ink: CMYK
  • Paper: 120lb Smooth Uncoated Cover
See more of Cindy’s stuff on their site.

Order folded cards here.
Get postcards (or flat invites) here.
Custom order inquiries, go here.

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Check Out Cissy’s Art Cafe

Feb 20, 2024

Posted in Events, Inspiration Gallery, Product Info

Cissy’s Art Cafe is the project of Cecile Lu, a full-time illustrator / artist living
in New York City.

Cecile creates cozy, colorful worlds, inspired by plants, animals, vintage goods,
food, and her cultural heritage.

We love her latest series, and you can buy her Tea Time Art Print directly here and shop the rest of the cafe here. Don’t forget to follow Cecile on Instagram, too.


Business Cards and Postcards:

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Cat Schmitz’s Comfort Objects for Grown Ups

Feb 12, 2024

Posted in Inspiration Gallery, Product Info

Cat Schmitz lives in a colorful world, floating among an assortment of clouds, polka dots, dancing birds, and mysterious wiggles.

She designs comfort objects for grown ups — from blankets and pillowcases to art prints to some of the coolest area rugs you will ever find.

2024 is the Cat Schmitz “Year of The Living Room,” so follow her now to bring peace and purpose into your home.

We printed these envelopes and postcards and immediately needed to know more.

Check out her whole world at her site and on Instagram.

Custom Envelopes:


  • art by Cat Schmitz
  • art by Cat Schmitz
  • art by Cat Schmitz

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The Universe of Zuperhero Comics

Feb 6, 2024

Posted in Inspiration Gallery, Recommended Reading

Zuperhero Comics, a small press publishing house in New York run by Mahdi Khene, brings to life a whole new universe of creatures, characters, and creations. For years, we’ve been lucky enough to print their awesome stories, and we are always stoked when another issue comes in. 

This latest project, “Lost At Land,” features Dr. Earl Haring, a deep sea scientist who is pushed to his limits. What happens next? You really need to get a copy and find out!

Find Zuperhero Comics on Instagram, Facebook, and buy stuff on their site.

  • art by Mahdi Khene
  • art by Mahdi Khene
  • art by Mahdi Khene

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Bobby Anspach’s Wild Magical World

Jan 21, 2024

Posted in Inspiration Gallery, Recommended Reading

Bobby Anspach was an American artist whose work centered around the creation of machines designed to deliver transcendent experiences to viewers. Bobby was a sculptor, a magician, and a brilliant scientist.

We had the absolute honor of printing the catalogue (designed by Susan Bowman) for his memorial exhibition, “Place for Continuous Eye Contact,” which includes essays, photographs, quotes, and memories around Bobby and his work.

You can learn more on Instagram and at bobbyanspach.com. You can also view the full catalogue here.

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Winter(ish) Art Events!

Jan 11, 2024

Posted in Community, Events

It’s cold. If you’re like us and you are crawling out of your skin, it may help to get up, get out, and hang out and brave the icy temperatures to explore some of the chill (get it) things going on in Philly in these deep dark months.

Here’s just a few of the cool things we’re checking out from January – March this year.

Know something else going on that we should add? Message Helen at helen@fireballprinting.com to have it added to the list!

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Winter Bundles!

Jan 1, 2024

Posted in Events, Product Info

Holy cow! It’s 2024! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!   (•_•)
I mean… all the good stuff is over until it starts getting warm again unless you’re really into expensive dates or drinking green beer (but by then it’s basically spring anyway).

Yes, here we are friends… in the bleak, frigid, soul crushing expanse that is WINTER.
At least the days aren’t getting shorter anymore. I guess I should make the best of it and just put on my sweater, and my coat and maybe a scarf, maybe a hat too (you lose a lot of heat through your head you know), a few pairs of socks, idk how many layers I can fit under this parka, I just know I need to BUNDLE UP!

In the spirit of the season we are offering you the chance to BUNDLE UP as well… with printing! (see what we did there?). Get big discounts by combining at least 3 products here.

Take advantage of our hemisphere’s icy downtime by getting some projects done! These deals end on leap day so get crack’n!

Stay warm friends!

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Shop Small, Y’all | 2023 Guide

Dec 20, 2023

Posted in Community, Events, Inspiration Gallery

We had over 100 submissions for our guide and we are so excited to share them all with you. Grab a seat (if you aren’t in one already) and scroll through some of the coolest gift ideas we’ve ever seen. Even if you are done your holiday shopping, save these for the whole year — shopping small is NOT seasonal.

Prints + Zines + Books + Cards

Fern In The Forest/Gina Levantini | Stationery, art prints, and functional goods (tea towels, tote bags)| @fern.in.the.forest

Rockets Are Red | Posters, Prints, Zines

Papercut Shop | Prints + Zines | @paper.cut.s

Dave Dick Illustrations | Prints, Stickers and More | @Dave_Dick_ (IG) @DaveDickIllustrations (FB)

John Kitses | “Last Days at the Iron Triangle” risograph book | @johnkitses

Aja Beech | Poem Posters and Handmade Cards | @ajabeech (IG/FB)

Joseph Zhou | Dark Fantasy Art | @josephzhouart (IG/FB)

Steph Pogas | Greeting cards, art prints, stickers, notebooks, tea towels, and tote bags | @spogas.art

Land & She | Art, prints and goods inspired by nature.

Jacina Bunnell | Books + Art

Gray Rabbit Comics | Art prints, cards, stickers! | @grayrabbitart (IG) @GrayRabbitArt (FB)

Marilyn MacGregor | Cards and fine art prints (Philly favorites) | @macgregorartdesigns

Caro Arévalo | Art prints, moon calendars, postcards and original paintings | @caro.arevalo (IG) /cafeinacoli (YT)

Second At Best | Original comics, art and risograph prints, as well as screen printed and embroidered apparel | @second.at.best

Ayun Halliday | zines, zine subscriptions and small press books | @ayun_halliday (IG) Ayun Halliday (FB)

Ghost Agents/Rocko Jerome | GHOST Agents, a comic book featuring art from around the planet

Craft or DIY | zines, pins, stickers & prints | @craftordiy.art

Ethan Carroll | Illustrated prints, stickers, magnets, and apparel

Super Hero Comics/Mahdi Khene | comics

Jill McFarland | art prints | @sugar_fly_butter_baby

Tursulowe Press | books!

Sarah Kaizar | books! | @sarahkaizar

SAADA Spotlight | South Asian American stories! | @saadaspotlight

Kate Otte | Coloring books, prints, and stickers | @kateohhtay

Mood Mail Co. | Greeting Cards | @moodmailco

Wonder Awe | Art prints, handbound books, art books | @wonder.awe

Yamz World | I turn my artwork into products. Mostly based on my identities as a queer person and an immigrant | @yamz.world

Elise Stoudt | Art, stickers, hats, ornaments | @elise_stoudt_studio

Meg Lemieur | paper, shirts, mugs, towels, coasters, stickers, blankets, a calendar, comics, and as framed art; whimsical drawings of animals, natural environments, a map of the Delaware River Watershed, and urban landscapes

Good Night Pine | illustrated goods inspired by the magic of the outdoors—enamel pins, stickers, art prints and postcards!

Fernanda | Prints of my watercolors

Bambi Hyde Art Studio | Prints, stickers, notebooks | @bambihydeart

Cat Willett | Illustrated postcards, prints, and stained glass objects and ornaments | @catxwillett

Scott Cole | Books (Horror & Bizarro Fiction)

Galaxy Brain Designs | Prints, stickers, and mixed media art | @galaxybraindesign

DRACULAD/Michael Arthur Georgeson | Posters, zines, postcards, buttons | @draculadco

Stickers + More

Lexi Seidel | Stickers, totes, shirts, + more! | @lexiseideldesigns

Celine Loup | Pins, Comics and Stickers | @celineorelse

Lisa Kelley | prints, stickers, art blocks, ornaments | @lisakelleyart

Katie Stack | Stickers and Cards

El Toro | Stickers, paintings, prints

Snailboat Studios | illustrated stickers, art prints, and accessories | @snailboatstudio

Kid Nichols | Stickers, enamel pins, art prints, washi tape, etc! | @kidnichols


Faina Lorah | Paintings, Art Prints, + Books

Briana Sutton | Art | @brianasuttonart

Ozone Artwork | We’re an online and in person art gallery selling artwork | @ozone_artgallery

YOUNGDANIELCANT/Dan Eels | Paintings, collages, drawings and I do some freelance design/illustration on the side | @YOUNGDANIELCANT (IG)

Flukelady | Year Round Spooky Artwork

Kristen Margiotta | Art prints, original oil paintings and more | @kristen_margiotta

Patsy Shaw | Original paintings, block prints, art prints, tote bag, calendars, ornaments, greeting cards, stickers, notepads, bookmarks | @shawmuchart

Ferrets and Friends Sanctuary | Merch & paintings, mostly pet themed

Hidden Bird Studios | Wildlife prints of original watercolor paintings | @hidden.bird.studio


Pixel and Papier | Jewelry, Accessories, + Craft Kits | @pixelandpapier

Angela Monaco Jewelry | Jewelry and Gifts

Julie Pierre | Handmade Paper Jewelry | @papershaper

Embroidery Kits

Sip and Stitch | Embroidery Kits + Workshop Tix


Hannah Via Art | Tufted Art, Prints + Bathmats! | @hannah.Via.art

Stacie Dale | wall art and home decor

Vivid Cottage/Kerstin Rao | Stationery + Fine Home Goods featuring my hand-illustrated artwork | @vividcottage

Goth Prima/Illkya Acosta | romantic meets grunge wall art, prints, & more!

Off the Posts | Philly Sports Prayer Candles!

Fuugs Woodworking
| Wooden wares – rolling pins, candle sticks, bowls and furniture | @fuugswoodworking

Sean Martorana | Hand-drawn Illustrated Woven Blankets | @seanmartorana

Valeriya Volkova | Art, prints, and pottery

Studio Anyware | Home wares, furniture, art and other homely things!


Noni Philly | Vintage Plus Size Clothing, Housewares, + More | @noni.philly

Golden Key Prints | Shirts, Totes, Prints, Greeting Cards, & Stickers with nihilist and absurdist inspired phrases

GeekBoy Press | Hand printed nerdy t-shirts, digital artwork and enamel pin designs! | @geekboypress

Anchovy Studio | Anchovy Studio is an independent apparel and design studio inspired by the stories held in Korean folk arts and diaspora. | @anchovy.studio

Emma Cestare | Prints, zines, shirts, stickers, pins, stationery, and keychains. | @coffeevamp

Rabbit Rabbit | Apparel, accessories + PRINTS! | @shoprabbitrabbit

Edible Things

Brimstone Apothecary | Small Batch Gummies

Earthside Provisions | Restorative Bone Broths, Soups & Stews and Organic Herbal Tea Blends

Soom Foods | Tahini, sweet chocolate tahini, and snack bites made from real, simple ingredients like dates, tahini, and oats!

Plant Basting Shop | Plant Basting herb infused sunflower cooking oils | @plantbasting

Mother Butter | Mother Butter! | @motherbuttercompany

Sundry Mornings | Cocktail mixes, hot sauce and spices made with locally sourced ingredients | @sundrymornings

Super Rad Everything Else

Michi | Comics, Patches, Keychains, and more! | @michiums

Joy Freude | Stickers, Scarves, and more! | @joyfreudeart

bluegreen | Scarves and Jewelry | @bluegreen_accessories

Lefthanded Press/Mike Gamble | Woodcuts, relief relief prints, etchings and digital reproductions made by fireball! | @mikgm

Zembo Temple of Skate and Design | Skateboards, rollerskates, fingerboards, art supplies, apparel and more!

Stitch Prism | Risograph prints, ceramic jewelry, stickers

Mural Arts Philadelphia | Mural Arts Philadelphia Merchandise

Barbaric Yawp Workshop | beautiful, original, handcrafted masks inspired by folklore and mythology | @barbaricyawpworkshop

Satanic Puppetteer | Vinyl Records of our weird band’s music

John Kitses | Last Days at the Iron Triangle, a risograph book of urban landscape watercolors | @johnkitses

Vanessa Hoy | Customizable notebooks | @palettenotebooks

em16 | tattoo gift certificates | @em16

Did we make a mistake? Email Helen and she’ll fix it!

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WEIRDO 2023 Reflections

Nov 15, 2023

Posted in Community, Events

From the King WEIRDO himself:

The friends who help me with this are amazing. The people who run their shows and event zones are all some of the coolest, most professional people I’ve ever met. The businesses and spaces we involve are so supportive sometimes it feels unreal. 

The excitement and enthusiasm becomes the air around you. I overhear multiple conversations about why people love Philadelphia as I cut from show to show checking that everyone has what they need to share their art with our neighbors. 

A man balances a sword on the tip of a knife. A circus dances on a familiar street. Strange creatures swim through a dark room. A vampire the size of a building chews rude people out. Tones and light hang in the air, music, the sounds of children. 

I love you weirdos. Thank you.
See you next time.

Check out our (ever growing) photo gallery. Have some of your own and want to share? Email them to us, please.

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Print Your Own Fireball Mask!

Oct 30, 2023

Posted in Events, Inspiration Gallery

If you are staring at your screen right now and bummed that you didn’t have time to get a costume this year, worry not! We have three different masks for you to choose from and a blank template so you can draw your own!

Download the mask here.

Download the mask here.

Download the mask here.

Download a blank mask here.

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